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 Doggidayz Visitors Book


I have been asked by my owner to provide a testimonial for Sally Ockwell and tell you about DoggiDayz at Grittenham Grooming.

My name is Mollie Pye and I was born May 2005 (three and a half years old now) in Grittenham, and I am an Airedale Terrier. My memories of Sally and all the Airedales and other dogs at Grittenham are all happy ones.

I have made regular visits to Grittenham since I was born with my pet owner. Sometimes it is to stay for a holiday but often it is a regular six weekly visit to have a shampoo and grooming session as my pet owner likes me to be clean and comfortable. I do not need to be 'clean' but I do enjoy having healthy skin, ears and feet which my pet owner prefers to be treated and cared for by an expert. She knows this does not upset me because in the right hands it only takes a few seconds and avoids all the problems of sores and infections of the feet and ears. I am most fortunate but have never had to visit a Veterinary Surgery for problems of skin, feet or ears and so I accept my regular beauty treatment and enjoy the day out and make lots of doggy friends too.

My holidays at Grittenham are excellent. I am greeted and welcomed and made to feel at home immediately and thus I forget to say goodbye to my pet owner. She says she understands that dogs just love to say hello and check out the home when they arrive. It is good to be with other dogs that I can play with and sleep with if I chose. There is a choice of where I can sleep. Sometimes I sleep upstairs in the bedroom but sometimes downstairs in the sitting room or under the stairs which is a quiet private place. The dog beds are comfortable but often I like the settee or chair. I get regular food and regular play time and I am encouraged to go for runs and play in the orchard and field which is part of the house. It is a very interesting and active holiday and my pet owner often says I am tired for a while once I get home, but not for long. I love long walks and runs and always on the look out for a new adventure and I always give my owner a lovely happy wagging tail when she comes to take me home.

Mollie Pye - Airedale Terrier - Sept 2008



A rather gorgeous Mollie Pye enjoying herself at DoggiDayz.

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