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We offer both day boarding and longer stay boarding for dogs of all shapes and sizes. The grounds are fully fenced with a double-gated entrance. We also have 6 CCTV cameras covering all the grounds so we can see your dog wherever they may be. With over one and a half acres, there is plenty of space for the dogs to run, and they are exercised regularly.

We are fully licenced and vetted, so your dogs are in safe hands. Unlike traditional kennels, your dogs are not kept seperate from the other dogs here, so you will need to provide consent to DoggiDayz for your dogs to mix. We insist on up to date innoculations (including kennel cough innoculations), so please provide us with sight of your certificates for our records.

We can collect your dogs if required, or you can drop them off . Please refer to our Opening Hours page and note these have changed from June 2017. We can accomodate a later pick up time if arranged in advance, although we discourage this as it disrupts the resident dogs. We encourage all new clients to visit us and see the facilities first hand before boarding your dog with us, please feel free to come and vet us personnally.

Dinner times

You are very welcome to bring food specially for your dog and we will follow your instructions regards quantities and frequency, please label your food clearly and include a measure. We do provide 'house' food which is a dried kibble complete food with a small amount of wet food to keep it interesting for your dog. We feed the dogs twice per day unless you specify otherwise and dinner times are supervised to ensure that your dog gets to eat his portion!

Sleeping arrangements

Your dog wil have a choice of places to sleep to ensure his comfort. If prefered they are welcome to sleep in the bedroom with us, or if they want to they can make full use of the multiple dog beds in several rooms downstairs. If your dog prefers a quiet corner, we have further dog beds in the back room - ideal for senior citizens who need a bit of peace. All our dog beds are washed regularly.

Exercise & Playtime

The doors are open all day, even in the winter so that the dogs have the freedom to play outside. Some dogs we board, like the beautiful samoyd, much prefer being outdoors nearly all the time, whereas others like the company of people and stick close to us indoors.

All the dogs are excercised by walking around the huge grounds twice daily - which is the equivalent of a couple of miles. This is in addition to all the play in between, and there are a multitude of dog toys available for them. All the dogs get along famously, and we will not take dogs who either imitate houdini or mahamad ali.


During the daytime the dogs can take advantage of the multiple comfy areas in the house, and in the evenings they can sit with us watching the television - the only thing missing from their normal routine will be you - and as ardent dog lovers, we make a huge fuss of all our boarders.

In the summertime we lay the dog beds on the extensive patio, so they can sunbath in the fresh air. We also provide a small paddling pool for them so they can cool off.


Playing in the snow

Taking a dip

Loads of space for walkies

Time for a snooze